No, I’m not a Coco Martin fan, but ….

coco martin with Cebu media
Coco Martin, the new endorser of Shell Rimula and Shell Advance, poses with Cebu media influencers like Joy Torrejos of The Freeman and Tonton Antogop (Inews.PH editor) who are standing beside the actor. Allan Defensor (Inews.PH photo-journalist), and yours truly (blogger, Superbalita columnist and PRworks chief digital officer).

We behaved like regular members of the Cebu media a little over an hour before the start of the Shell Trade Partners Convention at Oakridge in Mandaue City last July 6, 2019. (Haha, a very late post!)

I thought it would stay that way until after the event climaxed with the performance of “Ang Probinsyano” and Shell’s new endorser Coco Martin and his gang.


But, the 50 mainstream and online media practitioners who sat at the front tables of a gathering of some 500 people transformed into showbiz fans when Coco Martin himself showed himself and belted song after song. 

Coco’s Shell narrative

I tried to distance myself at first as I focused on the reactions of the audience and the actor’s narrative about growing up with Shell. Yes, his narrative about having been poor and his father driving a jeepney years ago sounded authentic. 

However, the excited response of an agitated audience was simply contagious. “What the heck,” I told myself. “Just go with the flow.”


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