Hands-free texting with Lumia 800!

Rhomel Marcojos of Nokia Philippines.

While the I-Phone 4S verbally answers you, Nokia’s Lumia 800 goes further. One can practically send text messages by merely talking to the phone. Wow! That definitely raises the ante for smart phones.

This definitely is one major reason the Nokia Lumia 800 is worth waiting for.

Waiting to buy Lumia 800 during the Singapore launch.

I have been searching for related blogs and pictures of the Lumia and I was quite surprised to read the first blog I clicked. “Everything About Life” reported about the long lines of Nokia enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the Lumia 800 during its Singapore launch.

Rhomel Marcojos, senior marketing services manager, and Jonix Peña of Nokia Philippines explained that this special hands free feature had no brand name compared to Siri of I-Phone 4S.

And the two proceeded to demonstrate this special feature. Peña sent a text message to the Lumia 800 of Marcojos. Surprisingly, the Lumia 800 verbally announced the message.

Marcojos replied by talking the phone. When prompted, he told his Lumia 800 “send” and his message appeared in Peña’s phone.

Marcojos showed us several other Wow features that’s not available in I-phones and Androids like the Lumia’s ability to recognize and identify top 40 hits.

Sun.Star's Kat Cacho won a Nokia X7 during the raffles.
Tony Despojo of Cebu Daily News won a Nokia C2-00.

I wished fellow journalists connected with the local media were still present when both heeded bloggers’ interest to preview the features of Nokia Lumia 800 units during the press conference. However, they already left right after the sumptuous lunch at Harold’s Hotel in Cebu City.

With me by then were bloggers led by Ruben Licera Jr. of the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) and Jun Tariman, a broadcast journalist with a radio program in dyAB of the ABS-CBN network who is also a tech blogger.

Below are some pictures taken by PRworks of the event:




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