Sharing Don Bosco

THE relic of Saint John Bosco has already arrived in the Philippines last December 5, 2010 and now moving around Negros Island. The relic will set foot in Bato, Santander, Cebu at 6 am on December 12, 2010 and motor all the way to Cebu City in time for a procession at 10 am at the Lourdes parish church in Punta Princesa. Don Bosco will be brought around Metro Cebu until he leaves for Manila on December 23, 2010.

I have been monitoring the mainstream media and press coverage is nil preferring politics and controversies. I hope my fellow journalists will realize in due time the newsworthiness of this event that has been attracting thousands of devotees as the relic moves around Negros and Cebu in the coming days.

Fortunately, the thousands of devotees of Saint John Bosco are turning online to share the good news of his pilgrimage. Fr. Lan Guiao (check out his Facebook) had been posting his pictures and those taken by fellow Salesians. Various blogs had been posting updates like PRworks Online.

Social media has opened a simple way of sharing to everybody else the great pictures each one has been taking. Notice that the photos posted online has shown hundreds of people taking out their cameras and camera phones.

I urge everybody to upload and share these photos to one Facebook site we named “Saint John Bosco relic pilgrimage (Negros-Cebu) Photos.” This way, you will also have the chance of getting your photos a part of the Visayas relic pilgrimage commemorative book.

Yep, let us do our part in spreading news about his pilgrimage and his good works.


3 Replies to “Sharing Don Bosco”

  1. Thank you very much for knowing that idiot peryodistas are only goot in political analysis. To these idiot peryodistas they are thoughting that political analysis is like making commentaries on Chaos Theory. DUH!

    Lookit, political analysis is very easy and very cheap. Kunting tsismis, OK. Innuendoesd, sarap! Kasi in political analysis they are neither wronger or righter. It is all talk! Talk is cheap. Cheap talks are the fare of so-called ‘professional” peryodistas and goot englischtzes to boot.

    Englsichtzes is measure of IQ, daw! HA!HA!HA! Therefore, Carbon Market fish vendors have more IQ than Putin and Deng xiao ping and mao tste thong because carbon market fish vendors speakengese goot englischtzes than these three stooge.


  2. Simple analysis on Ces Drilon kidnapping news blackout, ZTE pagarparings, Lozada’s 150k bribe to live in hK forever which my wife living on 300k barely make both ends meet. DUH! STUPID! Well, only stupid Filipinos read their articles anyways. Watabawt, outing of rape victim Nicole? Can never happen in America and the civilized world. I didn’t say Flippinas is civilized world considering peryodistas intelligence.


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