Justice for Maguindanao massacre victims

I share the sentiments of fellow Filipino journalists demanding for justice for Maguindanao massacre victims.

Please check out this link re a rally in Dumaguete City:

Dgte. Journalists condemn slow Maguindanao trial

8 responses to “Justice for Maguindanao massacre victims

  1. Renato Pacifico

    There is so many funny articles from funny journalists about Maguindanao Massacre. I find it funny because my only source of information are from funny newspapers from kooky journalists who has amulets called PRESS CARDS.


  2. Renato Pacifico

    Lookit, might as well take down Department of Justice and NBI because Ampatuan is already “proven Guilty until proven Guilty” by idiot peryodistas! Based on my readings from so-called “professional” media!!!
    1. Peryodistas has already accused Ampatuan of the massacre before the start of formal investigation
    2. The bungled forensics which oblivious, clueless peryodistas who are only goot in POLITICAL ANALYSIS failed to analyze bungled forensics. Forensics should be handled in a way not to contaminate the crime scene. The forensicers ought to sift layer-by-layer to reach to the cadavers or the vehicle of crimes or the transportation of the victims. YOU KNOW WHAT? Not one intelligent peryodistas attacked the investigators for bungling the forensics.
    3. OJ Simpson got acquitted because of the glove and THE BIAS of investigators hearing them of racial epithets. NOT IN PHILIPPINES WHOSE LEGAL LUMINARIES AND JOURNALISTS GO ABROAD TO LEARN THEIR TRADE and come back home back to their old stupidity.



  3. Renato Pacifico

    If these so-called “professional” peryodistas were in the civilized world they’d be booted out pronto. But one so-called “professional” peryodistas said that western countries have different “culture in reporting”! WHAT? SAY THAT AGAIN? HA!HA!HA! What a stupid answer. SO TRUTH IS CULTURAL!!! HA!HA!HA!
    That is why the best and the brightest of the Filipinos are sent abroad to be led-commanded-controlled and they meekly follow as maids, drivers, hugas-pfwet (check POEA statistics) AND THEY ARE PROUDLY BILLED AS THE CAUSE OF “BRAIN DRAIN” duh! DUH! DUH!


  4. Renato Pacifico

    Classmate, the prosecution and reporting of Ampatuan is perpetuating the dumbing and stupidity of the Filipinos. I learned a lot from American news than Filipino news. THANKS TO THE INTERNET. Now I have alternative in truth and how reporting should and ought to be done.


  5. Renato Pacifico

    Antoher obliviousness on Ampatuan recording is rubbing in Pandak’s name along with Ampatuan in the same sentence. NICE JOB! IT IS CALLED BIAS! Can never happen in the civilized world. Well, according to Filipinos, Truth is cultural! HA1HA1HA! rEPORTING is cultural!!! HA!HA!HA! sO IS dumbness and poverty!


  6. Renato Pacifico

    Filipinos is soooo corrupt that greeting “MERRY CHRISTMAS” is banned!!! So, the fake-americans arriving for the holiday season are not corrupt? If they have nothing illegal to hide they have nothing to be afraid and nothing to bribe! They are the ones bribing because they are corrupt not NAIA government personnel. If they have your balikbayan boxes stripped naked it is the government’s right NOT FAKE-AMERICANS RIGHTS! If you fake-Americans slip $20.00 on your passport it is the fake-americans that are corrupt!!!

    If you are NAIA immigration and turn over Fake-Americans for bribery, All NAIA Immigration Personnel will bug-bog sirado the HONEST IMMIGRATION PERSONNEL!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!



  7. Renato Pacifico

    The NAIA personnel has turned to “smiling” instead of greeting you “Merry Christmas”. WHEN NAIA PERSONNEL “SMILE” BETTER COME ACROSS.

    I hope NAIA manager bans smiling, too!!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA! DISINGENIOUS!!!!!!!


  8. Renato Pacifico

    Filipinos are so intelligent that they elected benign0 as their president because her mother is a fake hero of EDSA who is also the husband of a communist Filipinos were fighting against. DUH!

    Now, just recently, Filipinos has replaced their national hero, Jose Rizal, who was picked by the Americans, with kindergarten-drop-out, MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!

    VIVA PINOY !!!!!


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