Reconnecting with Don Bosco

Friends who had known me for a long time as a journalist may be asking why I am writing more about being a Bosconian and Don Bosco lately than anything else.

It could be because of the commemorative book on the Negros-Cebu leg of the Philippine pilgrimage of the relic of Saint John Bosco that Doris and I have committed to do. Click on that link for more information and also a Facebook page that we put up.

It could also be because of Customs District Collector Ronnie Silvestre who happened to be a past national alumni federation president and a DB Pampanga batch 77 (I am DBTHS 77). I remembered Collector Silvestre suddenly calling me to attend the first organizational meeting of the Cebu chapter of Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) at his office.

After several months, Collector Silvestre inducted me, along with the other officers and charter members of BICC Cebu, at the Laguna Garden Cafe and Restaurant last October 16, 2010.

It could likewise be that after August 31, 2010, I am already an early retiree from Sun.Star Publishing Inc. Although I still write columns for Sun.Star Cebu every Monday and for Superbalita every Sunday and Tuesday, early retirement freed me from being always on top of what is happening 24/7.

Nevertheless, I could never get away for long from writing. Thus, I am now spending more hours with Facebook and WordPress (mura man sab og nagtrabaho sa newspaper gihappon) or reading about the past since Sir Rene Alburo of the University of San Carlos is already looking for my draft on the history of Minglanilla.

But this book by Seth Godin on idea viruses set on another Sagittarian (yup I’m a Sagi) quest and this time for memes or online viral projects like this Facebook page that calls on all devotees to upload photos of the pilgrimage of the relic of Saint John Bosco.

There, Bosco na sab!


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