Bulay-og gyud

There are four things I want to say about the hostage situation yesterday at the Quirino Grandstand.

1. Former Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza should have been put in jail for hulidap instead of dismissed from the service. I always wonder why most scalawag policemen are merely transferred or dismissed when they are found guilty of abusing their position. Mendoza’s bloody caper shows us how we are unleashing these scalawags to do more harm.

2. The bloody aftermath of the hostage situation shows live to the whole world how lousy our elite police units handle hostage situations. Amateur airsoft groups in Cebu could have done a better job.

3. The bloody hostage situation victimized tourists from Hong Kong — at least seven died — of sending out the message in dramatic fashion that tourists are not safe even in the busy streets of Manila, not just in the jungles of Basilan.

4. The whole incident convinced me all the more: Bulay-og gyud diay ang atong kapulisan.


19 Replies to “Bulay-og gyud”

  1. Swerte meron tayong Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempenco, Missed PHilippines, Journey Lead Singer … FORGET CNN-MAN-OF-THE-YEAR EDUCATOR PENAFLORIDA. Education is not the meat of the PHilippfinos. ENTERTAINMENT IS. ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE CATAPULT PHILIPPINES FROM OUR MISERIES.

    Viva Filipinas!!!! Viva mga BULAY-OG!!!!!


  2. Thank goodness, Chinese Massacre happened. If it were not THERE CANNOT BE PHILIPPINE MEDIA INTROSPECTION!!!! God sure act in a mysterious way.

    BUT CAN MEDIA LEARN A LESSON? I doubt very much.


  3. Can anyone ask themselves WHY DID MENDOZA DO IT? Well, deep, highly-critical political analysis is easier. Because political analysis are all based on tsismis.

    Simplest of question is WHY DID MENDOZA DO IT? Why did he think he can force back his job? He must be innocent if he went to extreme to clear his name? Is there out there listening? Are there deep politically analyzing peryodistas analyze and look into Mendoza’s? Is there out there checking?

    Here is possible reason why Mendoza did it, holding hostages in public, demanding his job back. If serial failed coup plotter did it, he became a senator. If serial failed coup plotter Honsan did it, he became a senator. If Ramos did it, he became a President … and the highly critical deep analyzing Philippine journalists just failed to attack. Holding their tongue, their pen. Lacson is still “lost” and “cannot be located” JUST LIKE HONASAN!!!! He must know that journalists know that everyone are afraid to talk about.


  4. If Philippine journalists festively publish Joey De Venencia’s tsismis on ZTE without gathering evidences, Mendoza can do it. Oh, by the way, de Venecia is a CEO, foreign-educated, ivy-school graduate(?) PHilippine journalists are way out of league by de Venecia in credentials, yet de Venecia went to “responsible” journalists without evidence. By mere horses mouth the “responsible” journalists publish de Venecia’s tsismis.


  5. Ces Drilon Kidnapping News Blackout. WoW! This one foreign journalists are just scratching their head. Philippine journalists know that terrorists love publicity. They feed on it. They do not get incensed if “responsible” “intelligent” peryodistas talk about them. They’d love it! Abu Sayaf must have Philippine journalists in their speed dial! Yet, when Ces Drilon was kidnapped the “responsible” journalists imposed news blackout AFRAID ABU SAYAF MIGHT GET ANGRY!!! That is absolutely, totally fuck up FUNNY! I hope it was a joke! It must be. Can I laugh? HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

    In Mendoza’s case, NONE OF THE ABOVE WAS APPLIED!!!! DUH! I am not a journalist. I failed high-school. But I make more sense!


  6. Our media is totally f*ucked up! The beauty about it they do not know they f*ucked up! Becaus they totally believe in themselves. I just wonder why they cannot report news like Americans do. They go to journalism classes where their textbooks are all AMericans and they report news like Filipinos!


  7. They are only good in deep highly-critical political analysis as if analyzinig chaos theory. Why they indulge themselves in politics? Because politics do not need facts. It is all based on innuendoes, gossips and tsismis.

    They cannot even realize and analyze that the Philippine Media is an accessory to the bungling of ZTE fiasco!!!! And they are still scratching their head how could that be!


  8. The bulay-og media are not even criticizing Chinese government for sendinig in their personal investigators in violation of our patrimony and “intelligence” and good english. They just bow! BOW! PEOPLE! BOW!!!!!! BEFORE CHINESE!!!!! They have to bow because they f*uck up the coverage. F*uck up the “rescuing” of hostages.

    If only there was one peryodista hostage, the peryodista would have acted appropriately to protect their own like Ces Drilon Kidnapping News Blackout!!!!


  9. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20100831-289627/RP-HK-parallel-probe-set

    Above process is what i’ve been harping about on ZTE and other crimes in the Philippines. Do not pagarparings so as not to telegraph what evidences the investigators have. Now bulay-og Philippine media is doing the right thing because Chinese cannot be idiotize the way bulay-og media are idiotizing Filipinos with what they think as the correct way.


  10. Will some RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST analyze why Mendoza hijacked a busload of chinese to get his job back! He must be innocent of the charges leveled against him if he went that far. AND PLEASE STOP THIS POLITICAL ANALYSIS. That is ANALYSIS FROM THE AIR based on suggestive innuendoes, tsismis and fucked-up news reports which are also based on innu8endoes, tsismis and gossips.


  11. “No Whitewash” “We’ll get to the bottom of this” “No coverup” “heads will roll” “Unassailable” are common words used along with Chinese Massacre sa Luneta. Meaning, all of the above do not apply if the massacred are brown-skin-punked-nose Filipinos.

    Above is also applied if peryodistas are ampatuanized regardless bungled forensic investigation which the peryodistas are totally clueless. Peryodistas are only wired for POLITICAL ANALYSIS. Period.


  12. Now, the peryodistas have become professional when it comes to Chinese Massacre sa Luneta. On others outside of Chineseses “professionalism” is depending on definition and how it is defined.


  13. Does anyone know that the TV in the bus they are tolkin about do not pick-up TV broadcast? Only plays thru DVD.!!! Now peryodistas can have a sigh of relief.

    Is it really true the driver used nailcutter to unlock his cuffs? I want him to do it in front me.

    60 + bullet casings outside of the bus. WoW! Who were the SWAT shooting at? I thoughted they were trained! HA!HA1HA!

    Who shot those helpless Chinese? China is mum. China said give us broadband contract and they will forgive Philippines!!! HA!HA1Ha! And of course the peryodistas will be mum, too!


  14. Peryodistas should start involving themselves with blogs and forums to broaden their horizon. Their columns is so shallow and narrow, just reading the banner gives me headache. POOR FILIPINOS. Filipinos, like me, thoughted of peryodistas are up there in intellect and IQ. Yet, they are only goot in political analysis whose forecasts beened wrong for the past 480 years …


  15. WoW! So Mendoza killed all 8 of them. WoW! There were 60 some bullet shell casings within the perimeter of the bus! WoW! The Bus was sprayed with 60 bullets! WoW! The Driver picked his cuffs and escape while Mendoza rata-ta-tatting the hostages! WoW!

    Someone was sold out!!!! Definitely! HA!HA!HA! So, it was not bungled after all!!! HA!HA!HA!

    But Americans watch the hostage rescue in Youtube! And definitely they say it was bungled!!! PHILIPPINES IS A FUNNY COUNTRY!!! FUNNY PEOPLE AND FUNNY JOURNALISTS!!!!

    Must be a miracle the driver escaped …
    A miracle not one got hit by 60 bullets …
    A miracle Mendoza shot cleanly right in the middle of his eyes!

    WoW!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA! Fool the Filipinos NOT THE AMERICANS!!! HA!HA!

    As usual, the retort of Filipinos is this, “they are corrupt, too”. Yes, Americans are corrupt but who is left behind? THAT IS A GOOT JUETENG QUESTION.


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