Computer-illiterate lawmakers

Lawmakers who are bent on grandstanding during the current canvassing of votes by both Lower and Upper Houses of Congress should at least brush themselves up on “techi-techi” matters related to the automated elections.

They may think such posturings might be good to look at considering that most television viewer only have only basic knowledge about computers. However, for people who know, and quite a number are monitoring the proceedings, these legislators appear stupid.

These computer nincompoops ended up delaying the much-awaited canvassing of votes.


11 Replies to “Computer-illiterate lawmakers”

  1. Filipinos are proud of the love-virus legacy. One love-virus guro Filipinos then claim that all Filipinos are techie.

    Bureaucrats posturing tech knowledge, stonewalling “computerized election” turned out they are oblivious clueless of technology after all. They are still using manual tally! PREPOSTEROUS!!!! EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!

    Filipinos love posturing and Filipinos fall for it, absolutely! Totally!


  2. Computer knowledge requires LOGIC. LOGIC requires numbing number crunching. Senators and Congressmen and, unfortunately, so does peryodistas. All of these are dumbing Filipinos. Filipinos thoughting that what these foreign-educated, ivy-league english-speaking graduates carries the virus of education. NO! DEFINITELY NOT! THEY ARE ACTUALLY DUMBING FILIPINOS.

    Here is simple logic:

    1. Abu Sayaff definitely loves publicity. They invite their beheading handiwork with glee. And, yet, when Ces Drilon was kidnapped, PERYODISTAS clamp down on news afraiding that ABU SAYAF MIGHT GET ANGRY AND KILL CES DRILON! HA!HA!HA1HA1HA1HA! That was a festive showing of stupidity and ignorance of peryodistas. UNTIL NOW THEY ARE NOT SELF-CRITICIZING BECCAUSE THEY ARE CLUELESS THAT WHAT THEY DID WAS TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY ILLOGICAL!!!!!




  4. 3. Glorietta fart bombing. An event where CIA, FBI, NBI, NSA, world-class intelligence agency were superceded by the findings of pyrotechnic expert Ayala that it was a terrorist bombing and peryodistas and senators and congressmen were just totally SILENT!!!


  5. … let me see what other major hugging news here … Ah ha! Uh Huh!
    4. Amputating Ampatuanizing of peryodistas in Maguindanao. Peryodistas knew the moment they know it was Ampatuan EVEN BEFORE THE INVISTIGATION STARTED. Does any right-thinking peryodistas has the timeline when they know, what they know, who they know it from and never pushed to sit in court to witness and proferred the witness account? Where are the sources of peryodistas? TSISMIS? VENDETTA? VINDICTIVENESS? I thoughted perydoistas are for rule-of-law! They are just perpetuating the tsismis journalism. DUDE!


  6. ha!ha!ha!ha!
    5. This one is really funny … the Failon Trining murder/suicide. The peryodistas are just yapping what these “expert” invistigators are yapping about. DO I NEED TO GO INTO DETAIL? What goot hiring “journalists” when they just print what the invistigators spew? What good having a “journalist” if they cannot ask hard questions? DO I NEED TO SAY IT? Hey, I am just 25-year-sold estanbay! I cannot speak goot englischtzes. My spelling sucks! But sure I do have my brain up here than below there in between.


  7. ha!ha1ha! The mother of all bummer of a report
    6. Lozada’s trip to Hong-Kong. Did anyone from Seantors to Congressmen to deep analysts in politics, the peryodistas, ever asked to subpoena phone records of LoseZada while in Hong-Kong?

    dude, if only someone asked we wouldn’t have been running in circles. I believe LoseZada called someone from Hong-Kongese Hotel. Either to ZTE or to Mikey. And idiot peryodistas never asked the question. So are the ivy-school graduate Senators and Congressmen who speakengee goot englischtzes.


  8. Here is the grandmother of all irresponsible reporting.
    7. Joey de Venecia’s tsismis on ZTE. If only peryodistas are just a notch responsible in handling tsismis like this. If only peryodistas has little more IQ they would have told stupid Joey de Venecia to go back in into his allegation and wire himself or go to NBI. NOW WHAT? WE are going in circles chasing our tails. Assuming peryodistas has high enough IQ to know that Joey de Venecia is a CEO, COO or President something should know better that tsismis like this requires evidence. Well, heck, he is a CEO he should know better so does peryodistas.



  9. Does anyone know that Washington DC and the media knew about Bills dalliance with Monica they are not publishing becase they don’t have proof it is only tsismis?


  10. Here’s another proof that Americans are superior that Filipinos’ education-optional, high-school drop-out, cigarette vendor Manny Pacquiao … Blagojevech. The whistleblower on Blago were in the lam for 5 years. FBI had hundreds of hours of tape. But not going out in public yet so as not to jeopardize their prosecution. they are not even ivy-school graduates. They are just run of the mill employees and Joey de Venecia pagarparing to the press because the media will publish tsimis!


  11. The motherlode of stupidity is … the peryodistas are attacking GMA not attacking the faulty, bungled invistigative process. So, benign0 wins. benign0 will still be saddled with people who invistigated ZTE along with inherent perydoistas who are equally clueless.

    So, maybe, benign0 will have use of these nincompoop monkey ass to bungle future invistigation on benign0.

    Dude! When wil Philippines ever have PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS. The people will not care about wrong grammar and spelling. They needed news. Not perpetuating dumbness.


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