Villar: Sukol-Dagan

I was pleasantly surprised seeing Sen. Manny Villar live on television discussing his side before fellow senators when I arrived at the Superbalita newsroom yesterday afternoon. Finally, I thought, Villar has mustered enough courage to face his peers. Unfortunately, he fled the session before the interpellation. Sukol-dagan diay ang strategy.

Villar’s flight from questions did not serve him well in the eyes of both supporters and detractors as well as those giving him the benefit of the doubt.

For supporters, their champion ran away before their very eyes. He could have bravely faced the assault and won or played the role of a martyr.For detractors, Villar’s escape deprived them the pleasure of seeing him clobbered. For those in between, running away finally convinced him of his guilt.

The way I looked at what happened, Villar tried to wiggle his way out of the “C5 ang Tinaga” issue and failed miserably.

(To get a clearer picture of the different sides, watch this video of Winnie Monsod explaining it in plain terms in a GMA 7 telecast)


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