Don Bosco Batch 77 and Facebook

The wonders of the Internet continue to amaze me through much of the decade. The latest – and I admit quite belatedly because before I’d rather play chess at FICS, or be content with lurking in Cebulife, Yahoo groups, or some favorite blog sites – involved Facebook.

Because of this popular social networking site, Don Bosco Technical High School 77 batch mates here and abroad regularly meet not only online but also offline. So far, the ones in Cebu met almost every weekend during the past month – Peter Alan Señeres of CEBECO 2, Noel Paras of Shamrock, Ludovico Lim of Timex, Manuel Roa of Norkis, Rodrigo Cumba of MCWD, Fred Navales of PAL, Raymond Diez of COA, the entrepreneurs Dodong Dico, Bobby Magbutay, Dodong Lopez, Danny Demecillo, Mon Prescillas, and Eric Ruiz. Al Paraguya who recently retired from the US Navy and Lando Cabaluna of Telecom-Cagayan de Oro joined us. The last time such numbers gathered was during our 25th anniversary way in 2002.

So far, there are already 25 members of our Facebook group including Fr. Richard Varela. To view our group’s page, click this link “Batch 77.”


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