Renewable energy

I believe in renewable energy and the need to increase its use to avert irreversible climate change. However, there is still the need to develop RE technology to the point that it becomes an affordable source of baseload power for Philippine grids.

Thus, I also disagree with the call for the immediate stop to the construction of new coal-fired plants that would serve as a source for baseload power while we develop RE sources.

The path should be increasing RE sources in the grid by mothballing the 25-30 year old plants even as we ensure continued economic growth and years of no brownouts using the new coal-fired plants.


2 Replies to “Renewable energy”

  1. How about hydroelectricity? That’s a big industry where I come from, brings a lot of money to the area, and is emission-free.

    Have you seen my blog? It deals with how climate change relates to issues such as credibility, responsible journalism, and risk management. I think you might enjoy it.

    You can probably just get there by clicking on my name.



  2. Hydroelectricity is cool and environmentally classy. Environmentlism in America are run by the elitist who live in an ensconced community like Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Boston, Maine and other tony places that you and me cannot afford.

    That is why environmentalism are for the rich and famous.

    Let us start with the development of oil fields in Tanon Strait. TO HELL WITH THE DOLPHINS HABITAT …. I NEED TO EAT TOO INCUDING YOUR CHILDREN …..


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