Spending the Holy Days in Dalaguete again

I placed the word “again” in the title because this is the third time the family is back in Dalaguete.

The first time was nearly a decade ago when the kids were still small. Karlo was still in high school. Kikay or even Nicole were not yet born. Ahmed Cuizon and his family joined us then.

The second time was last year. Doris organized the “Pasyon sa Mantalongon” and brought Gilbert Bargayo who had himself nailed to the cross after a reenactment of the 14 stations of the cross.

This time, it’s only the family who is Joe Canton’s guests at his resthouse.

We arrived this afternoon and the younger kids (Kikay and Nicole) immediately jumped into the sea. The older one’s? They stuck like glue to the laptops.

Tonight, we’re here (that’s Doris and me) at the restaurant of the Ocean Bay resort where there’s Wifi. And while I’m writing this with bottles of beer beside me, Doris is taking her time talking with Mr. Cooper, the owner and a potential client.


2 Replies to “Spending the Holy Days in Dalaguete again”

  1. Yes, Dumaguete is an ideal place for vacation. I’ve been there many times but still wanting to re-visit there in the future. In fact, I consider some places there for honeymoon (she’s going home in December, hehehe… ato-ato lang) and life will never gonna be the same…. O, dili na ka zero response so far!


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