On Sulpicio

Ako gyud nga unang reaksyon pagkalunod sa Princess of the Stars (ikalima na gud na nga Sulpicio ship nga nalunod) mao nga sirhan na lang gyud kini.

But I later read Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and officials like Sen. Mar Roxas informing us that Sulpicio handles 40 percent of the passenger and cargo in Philippine interisland travel, I thought kuyaw nga matikyaob sab ang Philippine economy.

But the shippines lines should be punished. Apil na sab ang Pagasa ug Coast Guard. If ever, papadayunon ang Sulpicio, there should be changes as Cardinal Vidal urged.


One Reply to “On Sulpicio”

  1. People in the Philippines should change. Let us stop this crab-mentality for progress’ sake. Let the change start at ourselves and stop pushing each others side. Let us embrace reality. May God enlighten the minds of our people esp. those family and relatives of Frank’s victim. May you not be a burden to others, learn to become human in nature. Devil works so hard these days. Hopes he will not succeed.


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