Noli de Castro

The calls for GMA’s resignation has earned Vice President Noli de Castro both a second look by political observers and pleyers as well as a demolition job by detractors.

The vice president himself has his men going around the country to feel the pulse and at the same time laying the grounds for a nationwide machinery.

Many in the middle class may not have a high regard for de Castro. But he is our vice president — the man who rise into power if current efforts to unseat President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo succeeds.

Fortunately for GMA, I don’t think the opposition is solidly behind the resignation call.

The presidentiables within the opposition camp surely don’t want de Castro as sitting president when he runs for the same position in 2010.

Come to think of it. Since the time he was elected vice president, de Castro is already a contender for the presidency come 2010.


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