My news editor Roger Vallena told me last night Fr. Diola and his Dilaab are wary of Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada and his testimony because of his association with some opposition personalities.

It seems revelations on Jun Lozada’s meetings with Sen. Panfilo Lacson and the senator’s role in his eventual emergence as an NBN-ZTE witness has colored the "reluctant hero’s" image with somekey sectors in Cebu.

If I were Lozada, I should stick more with the religious sector than with Lacson and his camp.

Already, Lacson’s publicity man Lito Banayo has been bragging in his Malaya column about his knowledge of the Ping-Jun relationship.

Incidentally, (let me digress a little on Lito Banayo) Tonton Antogop is being teased for having beaten Banayo in te 2004 election. Tonton was with the camp of Rep. Nerry  Soon-Ruiz while Banayo came to Cebu to help Luigi Quisumbing.

While Tonton is taking the credit however, only a few knew I was the one who told him about the arrival of the Banayo group. Tayming lang that I was having beer with Rey Bajenting that night at Da Vinci’s at Osmena blvd. when Tonton suddenly emerged from the adjoining Internet cafe.


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