Will Lozada unlease wrath of people power v. GMA

Mobilizing hundreds of thousands to more than a million was easier against the Marcos and Estrada administrations than against Arroyo after she hurdled her first difficult year.


I can cite many reasons for this difficulty. Internally, the broad people power movement has so failed to put its act together. Even during crucial mass actions, it could only muster a little more than 50,000 in Metro Manila from its organized mass base. Worse, it failed to excite and spark spontaneous public participation that should have swelled their ranks during demonstrations.

The dramatic emergence of NBN-ZTE scam witness Jun Lozada has attracted the attention of the public nationwide.

Members of the various civil society and militant groups, active members of the religious, and the opposition are reportedly coordinating to get their acts together so as not to fail Lozada’s “heroism.”

Will Lozada’s heroism then finally unleash the wrath of people power against the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

I’m still skeptical.


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