Banilad-talamban road

Avoid the Banilad-Talamban road if you can help it. As it was, the monstrous traffic crawled liked a sleepy turtle. But with the construction of the traffic solution, the Banilad=Talamban road flyover, expect one to actually sleep on the road while waiting for the traffic to inch a little forward.

They are thinking of palliatives and alternative routes alright. There’s the odd-even scheme that is supposed to start tomorrow but one still does not know what will be allowed on what day.

Perhaps, it’s the duty of the arresting traffic officer to tell you that your driving your vehicle on the wrong day.

There’s also the alternative routes — the also congested Hernan-Cortes road and the MC Cuenco.

But what could one do while the DPWH constructs the flyover and other needed works and distributes the shares of the SOP? Of course, avoid the Banilad-Talamban road.


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