Marina Mall

"Personalan na ni." This was the answer of a representative from the camp of Mayor Boy Radaza when asked by a mutual friend to stop its hounding og the Marina mall because this is not doing the mayor any good PR wise.

"If you want to go after the mall for whatever motive, then finish it quickly. But don’t think about PR because you will surely be clobbered.

I think what the Radaza camp wanted is help in damage control or at the most in deflecting or diverting the issue.

But the attempt to demolish the mall is front page news. Only the likes of bombings could deflect the issue.

Even then CDN chose to highlight the closure of the mall than the bombing of Glorietta ni Makati city.

As of now, even Gov. Gwen Garcia and the MEPZ have sided with Ephraim Pelaez than Mayor Radaza. With MEPZ, I expect that later PEZA would join the fray and its ally in Malacańang, Sec. Cerge Remonde.

With these forces arrayed against the mayor, i think the mayor should stand down and find the best way out. He can fight Pelaez some other time or in some other way.

In my view, the Marina mall controversy is damaging to Mayor Radaza.


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