Way trabaho

Mingaw ang customs karon kay way trabaho. No, it’s not a holiday and people have gone to work. But still, it is "mingaw kay way trabaho."

Why is this so?

In customs lingo, "trabaho" means a shipment of mis-declared goods. Being mis-declared, one needs to "timbre" with the collectors in-charge and when the goods arrive, pay the "tara."

The accumulated "tara" is subdivided among customs folk and it trickles down to the haoshaois and the kibitzers.

This trickle down system with people having something to give and receive makes customs "alegre."

Unfortunately for customs folk nowadays, "mingaw ang adwana." There’s no "trabaho."


One Reply to “Way trabaho”

  1. Car smuggling means taking cars into a country for which customs have not been paid. We, as a filipino, must understand that the development in our country requires not only good policies and plans, but also fair and effective implementation so that the problems of poverty and social justice can be resolved.


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