Inday Nita

For us who were in the thick of the fight against the Marcos dictatorship during the early 80s, Inday Nita Cortes-Daluz was an icon.

She was a symbol of protest and she had that magic that prods ordinary people to instant action when issues a call.

I remember well those early days when some activist friends from various sectoral groups organized the dawn "Jog for Freedom" that started from the SSS building at Jones Avenue and ended at Fuente Osmeńa.

We were about 1,000 that grew by small increments every day.

However, when Inday Nita threw her support for the daily jogging protests, I was surprised to see people in yellow shirts all over Fuente Osmeńa.

In just one day, our 1,000 joggers grew to 10,000 or more.

Well, I miss those days when the issues were clear and we had the likes of Inday Nita and Fr. Rudy Romano by our side.

Years later, the masses and the allies who supported Inday Nita seemed to have abandoned her in her quest against the hegemony of the Osmeńas.

It seems elite democracy had clouded the issues and Inday Nita was elbowed out into the sidelines of traditional politics.

Still, Inday Nita, who will be buried today, remains an icon for freedom.


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