Rice Smuggling

Smugglers of cheap rice from Vietnam will soon face another problem next month. Aside from the intramural between the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) and Customs Commissioner Boy Morales in Manila, they will have to deal with a ban for the exportation of rice in Vietnam.

This I gathered from a very reliable source.

I, however, trust smugglers to find a way of getting around this. But they will have to tiptoe around the eyes of Vietnamese authorities aside from Filipinos bureacrats.

As of the moment, players in the Philippine exportation scene have to deal with the PASG and Boy Morales problem.

Its a fact in the Philippines that a huge percentage of the imports are mis-declared. The mis-declared goods are either surplus or luxury vehicles, cheap rice, used clothings, and a host of other products.

If the government stops this, they will either stop importing or bring these cargo through "swing operations" which means direct smuggling. In effect, government revenues from customs drops.

This precisely happened in recent months when customs revenues dropped.


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