A highly placed contact told me that Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) chief Antonio Villar has the full trust of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This despite the silent protests staged by importers and brokers as well as the damage to the economy all these will do.

As a result, local importers and brokers are at a loss at what to do. The PASG is asking them a very high ‘tara’ for every container.

They are also asking themselves: what is the president’s agenda? Is she angry her favored SEnate bets lost last May?

NOnetheless, the hope now is the possibility of a compromise with PASG. Ihatag na lang kuno sa PASG ang ilang gusto kon mosugot nga pagamyan ang tara. The alternative is: no money for PASG pockets, no business for the businessmen, bad for the Philippine economy, bad for GMA.


One Reply to “GMA and PASG”

  1. Tough job, this anti-smuggling. We must be losing P300 Billion worth of tariffs and duties from out of the so many smuggling across the country. It is 2nd only to drug trading as a problem here. That’s why there’s a need to raise all duties and tariffs by 1% at least to help us solve our fiscal malaise, this being a ‘fair trade’ policy in the short-run.


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