Alya2 After several decades, I finally was able to return to Mambucal resort in Negros Occidental last Saturday. The first time was during my third year in Don Bosco when I joined an orientation for the seminary. we spent a day then.

What I could remember then was the exhaustive trek to the seventh water falls where we swam like kids to our hearts content.

Last Saturday, I thought I could retrace the trek with daughter Alya and niece Nicole but I could only manage up to the third water falls.

At 46, I thought maybe I should just take a dip at the hot dipping pool while brod-in- law  Archie cooked a dozen eggs at the boiling mud.

After three decades, I found the resort bigger today with such additional joys as riding the kayak, or hanging at the swing for life, or taking a clImage_29imb at its climbing wall.

The family likes to return next year for an overnight stay to be able complete with camping tents for a more enjoyable adventure.

Yes, I’d like another shot at that long trek up to the seventh falls again.


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