Inside info

I was quite amused to learn that Inday Nerry’s camp actually had as their mole inside the camp of Luigi Quisumbing a friend of mine. This friend arranged the meeting between Sally Malig-on and Boy Pecson, the election operator supposedly much much better than Garci.

During the series of meetings, Pecson assured Nerry’s camp that they won’t operate against her.

I assume that what Pecson meant was they won’t operate against her in Mandaue City but in the other areas like Consolacion, Lapu-Lapu City and Cordova.

However, the leaders who at the last moment supposedly went to Quisumbing like Tess Alegado and Adi Sitoy were all the while with the Quisumbing camp. Alegado, for instance, met with Luigi and the old man Tootsie right after Mayor Gungob changed camps. Sitoy has all the while a retainer from Norkis.



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