How to Win an Election

I just bought this book "How to Win an Election- Lessons from the Experts," a project edited by Chay Florentino Hofileńa and funded by the Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung,and so excited in reading it when Doris, in her characteristic putdowns, quipped: "Oh? Does it include how to cheat? How can you win?" or something to this effect.

After browsing through the book though, I was impressed by the detailed discussions of tips for idealistic politicos who want to slaughter dinosaurs.

But Doris was right. It does not have a detailed guide on how to handle the goons of somebody like Junie Martinez,for instance. In 2001, John-JOhn Osmeńa hired former NPA rebels to organize communities in Junnie’s fourth district but was stopped by an unfortunate encounter that saw the death of one of them.

Perhaps, Chay would want to look into that interesting campaign when the same group of former rebels led by Rolly Kintanar himself succeeded in thwarting the goons of then Rep. Sol Abines in Cebu’s second district way back in 1998 in favor of Rolly’s uncle Sim Kintanar.


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