Sonny O

Former senator John ‘Sonny’ Osmeńa held a press conference this morning to send the message that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Team Unity won’t get the same majority she had in 2004.

The reason: UNO will put up a complete local slate.

However, he stopped short of naming candidates. But I am speculating that it could be a Martinez-Yapha tandem considering that both were not around during Team Unity’s proclamation rally in Saturday.

In a phone conversation, JHO’s right hand Brady Lucero asked me what I think of a Sim Kintanar candidacy against Gov. Gwen Garcia.

I don’t know if Sim will change his mind but as of now, he is the Lakas-CMD provincial chairman while Cary Kintanar is the Kampi provincial chairman. They might not have enough money for a province-wide campaign but they can give congressional challengers in the second district a good fight.

UNO cannot adopt the Kintanars if they remain with Lakas and Kampi. Moreover, former senator Herrera’s man Sol Abines wants to regain his congressional seat that was snatched away from him in 1998.

But with the 3rd and 4th district going to the opposition, a huge chunk of the pro-Team unity votes will go to UNO now known as the Grand Coalition.

Alegre ang Sugbo ini.


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