Naga Cityhood

Rep. Eddie Gullas said more than a mouthful of doubletalk last December 26 during the Christmas party of Naga town and barangay officials.

After favoring Carcar when he was made to choose by Senator Nene Pimentel owing to the Senate’s "one city, one district" rule, he said he has changed his mind and now will push for Naga.

He spiced up his talk with an announcement of a modest Christmas gift that was distributed to every official present.

The Naga leaders, nevertheless, accepted Gullas’ explanation (maybe because of the Christmas sweetener).

Naga Mayor Val Chiong proceeded to solicit Gullas imprimatur for his 2007 slate.

As CDN’s Job Tabada noted, the Christmas party became sort of a political meeting.

In my mind, well, the election season has finally begun.

With the last of material time for Congress to act on the Naga cityhood bid, I think Mayor Chiong should ask senators who will court him come May 2007 to support this cause in the next Senate.


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