Swing operations and other uplates …

The swing operators in Cebu Customs are at it again. They succeeded spiriting out a container van with seized smuggled vehicles last Thursday. Fortunately, Captain Boy Estrera with the able help of his active Customs police men (my brother Rico included of course) speedily recovered the cargo. Now, one swing artist named Felix Gutang is spilling the beans to the customs police. The buyer, who already shelled out P800,000 for the vehicles, is said to be threatening to name names if only to recover the money.

Collector Boysie Belmonte is expected to focus media attention to this achievement if only to draw away public attention from his dismal collection performance. But then, with the current importation volumes in Cebu, hitting the target is practically impossible.

The anti-Mangaoang chorus composed of former Collector Boy Odilao, the Osmea couple, and the Bingbong-Rey duo can’t anymore blame Mangaoang for whatever anti-Boysie publicity that might erupt. Their convenient scapegoat has left for the United States for a short course in Harvard.

Unfornately for Belmonte, the continued low collection performance will attract aspirants for his posts. Expect another Caringal or a Parohinog to emerge.


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