white paper

The web has become a venue for information warfare waged by people eyeing the post of district collector of the bureau of customs. who is behind the latest white paper circulated via online? this has intrigued me for over a week now.

the paper lists aspirants for the post minus the names of the original aspirant grace caringal and the one in power lourdes mangaoang.

is this another ploy of caringal pr man cerwin eviota after his blue angel series? some people close to mangaoang thinks so. they said the paper was so designed that people outside customs would suspect lourdes as the one behind the paper.

however, customs insiders know about the brewing war at the subic port between caringal and collector salvacion. customs commissioner boy morales is reportedly angry at caringal for refusing to give way to salvacion. caringal is now bitter at her rivals and her boss.

hinuon imu ra man sab ning tinuyoan gud commissioner morales. you should know better than going after officials close to mayor tomas osmea. before you do it again, better reflect on what happened to camp crame when they attempted to relieve cebu city police chief melvin gayotin. mumo gyud dayon no.

i know many in cebu media don’t like mangaoang in the same way that many are taking pothots at gayotin’s performance. but both have something going for them and that’s tom’s support. it seems, what tom wants, gloria grants.


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