parklane vs. narvasa

An angry Dr. Pek Eng Lim called me up Tuesday complaining about the quote I used in my Sun.Star column that mentioned his name.

You see, I criticized the manager of Parklane International Hotel Mars Benitez for inventing a complaint against a sidewalk vendor named Narvasa.

In his letter-complaint to Camputhaw Barangay Captain Lorenzo Basamot, Benitez alleged that the diarrhea he had that October 7 afternoon was because of Narva’s paklay.

Quoting his supposed attending physician Dr. Pek Eng Lim, Benitez said he had a viral infection and amoebiasis after he ate paklay he bought from Narvasa.

However, when Dr. Lim learned I wrote about this in my Sun.Star column, he called me up and in a raised voice asked me why I attributed the statement to him because it placed him in an embarassing situation.

It seems Benitez was just making up his allegation against Narvasa and dropped Dr. Lim’s name.

Barangay Captain Basamot unfortunately believed Benitez and had Narvasa’s stall demolished.

The move stirred up a hornet’s nest of criticisms against both Basamot and Benitez that led to a dialog.

Insisting on his demolition, Basamot disregarded Benitez complaint perhaps after realizing that the guy merely made up his story.

In my view, Benitez should have instead approached the vendor situation in a more humane manner and he could have earned goodwill for himself and his new hotel.


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