a friend from way back had approached doris last week with an invitation for a nother friend to attend a meeting of a group identified with retired general abat. kedta ang ilang agenda.
    but i dont think the objective is to really wage one.
    I think they only wanted to create some noise to pressure GMA into what FVR wants her to do.
    It seems, while GMA has initiated the Cha-cha process, she has manuevered to maintain control away from FVR’s man in Congress — JDV.
    In fact, there is this move to remove JDV from the speakership.
    why is this so?
    because GMA does not want to step down gracefully or not. meanwhile, the FVR groupo wants her to cut her term. they want her to use the cha-cha para constitutional ang iyang exit and graceful sab ang assumption nila FVR and JDV.
    however, GMA has her own loyalists and she is out to stay until 2010 at least.


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