The Ramos Agenda

Former president Fidel V. Ramos is the biggest winner in among the political players in the current Philippine political crisis. Publicly, he is now known as the one who saved GMA at the height of last Friday’s Cabinet coup. He also got GMA’s active espousal of his charter change agenda.

Moreover, his men are back at the frontlines of Ate Glo’s Cabinet — like Claudio, Tiglao and Ermita who came out to defend GMA last Saturday. Other former generals are still in place. Expect some more FVR boys to move into the posts vacated by the Cabinet coup plotters.

Earlier, the Cabinet faction identified with FVR succeeded in getting Mike Arroyo and his group out of the power loop. (This coup should translate into reversals in policy in the Piatco issue …. hmmm let’s see …)

After all, FVR is the AM boy of Philippine politics. His support for a cause also means the US is going along with him.

But come to think of it, I believe Ramos was right in the midst of the core that stirred the current crisis against GMA. And this we saw when retired Gen. Fortunato Abat first emerged. (according to the grapevine, FVR attended a meeting regarding the GMA destabilization plan in Cagayan de Oro.)


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