Gloria gate

It is expected that GMA’s sorry ploy would not sway the opposition. Instead, it is expected to prod the opposition to further push the dagger into her guts.

The play now is winning over the silent majority that supported Edsa 1 and Edsa 2.

If we consider Cory Aquino as barometer, it seems the silent majority is not ready to go the streets to oust another government. They would rather stay in the sidelines and watch legal processes take its course.

As in Edsa 2, they only took to the streets when they collectively thought there was no other way.

It is within this context that we should look at the Lakas majority’s decision to allow the airing of the Gloriagate CD that Atty. Paguia edited and presented to Congress.

Though the majority believed it was not the legally correct decision to allow the airing, politically they have to go with the sentiments of the opposition. They have learned the lessons of the second envelope that triggered Edsa 2.

Besides, everybody now knows the content of the tape. GMA herself has defined the context of her conversations with the election officer she admitted calling flatly denying any electoral cheating.

The tape itself could not convict her. In fact, allowing the airing would give the majority the chance to go all out on the origin of the tapes.


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