Bibit’s replacement

Customs Commissioner Bert Lina has appointed Collector Roger Lim as acting district collector in lieu of former district collector Billy Bibit. But District COllector Lim had barely warmed his seat when news came that Commissioner Lina had named another customs official to replace him.

Apparently, Commissioner Lina and his imperial advisers in Manila think COllector Lim is a pushover.  Little did they know that Lim has the suport of Cebuanos.

One influential Cebuano, Danao Mayor NIto Durano, has personally asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last Friday. President Arroyo was the principal sponsor in the wedding of Nito’s daughter.

According to Nito’s camp, President Arroyo said yes to the request to retain Lim as district collector. Would President Arroyo fufill her promise? Would Commissioner Lina disobey President Arroyo? Let’s see.


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