Talisay water

April 26, 2005

Talisay City officials reportedly talked about cutting off Cebu City’s water supply from the Mananga watershed if Mayor Tomas Osmea keeps on making problems like questioning the cityhood.


2 Replies to “Talisay water”

  1. Bai, I just wonder if this is the kind of thing that leads to civil war. History would tell of wars fought because of water.

    With the Mananga watershed actually situated in the hills of Cebu City (like the Kotkot-Lusaran watershed is on the other side of the Cebu Transcentral Highway), I wonder if Cebu City officials would have a way to “divert” water from flowing down through Mananga river in Talisay.

    Crazy noh? But with the way the protagonists in this conflict are playing, nothing seems to be impossible.

    God forbid one city fires a scud missile to the other. Well, what are Patriot missiles for? CNN can make history here. Or will it be CCTN?

    Have a nice day, my friend.



  2. At least our mayor is starting to backtrack with the friday presidential visit fast approaching.
    nevertheless, as of this writing, the srp is still closed. maybe tomas is merely pulling our legs.



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